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Pase de día


Day pass / 1 noche
Come and spend a day of DISCONNECTION

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80,00 € Impuestos incluidos

Tardarás menos de 1 minuto


Come and spend a day of DISCONNECTION away from the stress of everyday life, in our oasis of CALM.

BREATHE in our gardens, terraces and pool, RECOVER your strength with a delicious brunch and RELAX with a fabulous treatment.

How does it work?

Buy the DAY PASS on our website, and we will contact you to specify the date on which you want to come and enjoy your DAY OF RELAX at Cal Secretari Vell.

We will also send you the treatment menu so that you can choose which one you like the most and the brunch menu.

We will personalize the best DISCONNECT DAY so that you just have to come and forget about the rest.